High Level Disinfectant 1 Litre

High Level Disinfectant 1 Litre

The name does a good job of explaining it's power but not it's gentleness!

The concentrated form of the Antimicrobial cleanser just add 5ml to a bottle filled with clean water - This 1 Litre bottle can be used to refill up to 200 spray bottles! That makes each refill 12.5p!

Used at a 1% dilution rate it cleanses quickly and easily.

Can also be used as a general cleaner without the spray bottle, with the easy to use dosing system built into the bottle, any volume can quickly be measured out.

Safe for use on all surfaces that water can be used on. 


You’ll find it nicer than the name implies - Very safe, gentle and easy to use. 


For you Same dilution rate for all uses. Available in non fragranced and fragranced (Citrus, Raspberry & Eucalyptus). Great for cleaning floors in your home, with the added properties of a high level disinfectant. 


For your pets Same dilution rate for all uses. Great for cleaning household floors and outdoor animal housing. Safe enough for animals to walk on without rinsing first. 


Rapidly Biodegradable.


This product is available in other sizes, please email or call the office for more information.