EXeczema Starter Kit

EXeczema Starter Kit

In the EXeczema Starter pack you will receive;

  • One 500ml Foam Skin Wash
  • One 250ml Gel Emollient 

Plus all of the information you need to start on your path to ending eczema. 

EXeczema is our word to represent the time after eczema.  Only those who are ready to leave eczema behind should consider buying this kit.

These are simply cleansing hygiene products that led to freedom from eczema.  That was an accidental finding which is now being made available to all who want to move on from eczema.

People of all ages from babies to the retired have been freed from eczema in two weeks by following the EXeczema Programme.  If that fact causes you concern, you’re probably not ready to take the necessary steps, yet.  Please take your time.  Look at the video of Dr Farmer explaining the programme, have a look at the endorsement videos of success cases, try buying the EXeczema book on its own and reading it carefully, or perhaps call us for a personal chat.

We enjoy leading people to freedom from eczema which means providing confidence through knowledge.  A cure is not needed to beat eczema which is why no cure is offered here.  Knowledge allows people to fix their damaged skin and avoid slipping back into eczema.  We work to the future, so if you want that security, this kit is probably what you want.