EXeczema Intro Pack

EXeczema Intro Pack

The EXeczema intro pack contains:

What is eczema? A path to ending the misery - 2nd Edition

One 250ml Gel Emollient

One 500ml Foam Skin Wash


Usually £42.50 when bought separately!


Products may not look the same as in the product photo. 


This is an ‘EXeczema intro’ pack because it provides information on how to determine what is likely to be causing eczema. Once you know that you have the option to continue using the cause or stopping the use of the cause. If you choose the latter, you can watch to see what the skin does when the cause is removed. Trust the skin. We are not allowed (by law) to suggest what the skin will do when you remove the cause so we leave you to see for yourself.

The cosmetic skin cleanser and moisturiser in the pack will, as expected, cleanse and moisturise the skin while it is doing what it does best. 

The EX in EXeczema® derives from the first two letters in EXplain. For most people who need to consider eczema, this is the first time they have had it explained.  In his book, Dr Harley Farmer stresses that the liquid products are not a cure for eczema.  Actually they aren’t even a treatment for eczema.  They are simply cosmetic products that are suitable for all ages and skin types.


Have fun and have confidence in skin. It's a wonderful organ and if you are nice to it by removing the cause of a problem, it will reward you.