Antimicrobial Cleanser

Antimicrobial Cleanser

Use for easy & swift cleansing all around the home.

Can be used on all surfaces that water can.

Kitchen surfaces - Including high chairs

Bathroom surfaces

Changing mats

Windows & Mirrors

Soft furnishings

Just spray on and wipe off.


500ml Spray Bottle


Antimicrobial cleanser is your every day spray for use on multiple surfaces including worktops, fabrics & glass.

Takes the place of  5 or 6 other surface sprays.

The bottle can be refilled using the high level disinfectant (it's just the concentrated form of this, much gentler than it sounds) - seems expensive but each bottle refill is 12.5p!

For You

The perfect cleansing spray for all surfaces.

Can be used to clean mirrors and glass for a streak free shine, freshen up upholstery or wipe down your kitchen work tops.

Safe on all surfaces children touch including changing mats and high chairs.

There is a fragrance for you - available non fragranced and in raspberry, citrus and eucalyptus fragrances.

For your pet

The perfect cleansing spray for all housing types. Can be used on glass (vivariums, aquariums etc), fabric (pet bedding) and hard surfaces (grooming areas, tables etc.)