Prevention is better than cure — it’s also easier and much cheaper. So why do so many visit the doctor seeking a cure? We’re paying a very heavy price for the hope many societies place in that 4-lettered word ‘cure’ which rose to such prominence in the chemical era of the last fifty years.


We know prevention is better than cure so why do we ignore it?


Perhaps eczema provides a good example. It often begins with a simple skin rash. Many people then become caught in the eczema trap which I call Product Maintained Dermatitis. The clue is in the first two words — Product Maintained. Something caused the initial skin rash so prevention is already failing. When product applied to the rash turns it into eczema, doctors offer more products to manage the inflamed skin. Ironically doctors say there is no cure for eczema. So here prevention has been ignored, a minor imbalance in the skin develops into a skin rash and subsequent products turn that into eczema which the doctors then treat with more products that maintain eczema. That really is an imbalance when they’re ignoring both prevention and cure!


Why should I care? Because I like stories with happy endings. All those products didn't end the eczema so I ask if we can end the products? Remember it’s Product Maintained Dermatitis so when you eliminate the product there’s nothing to maintain the dermatitis. Then the skin heals itself so no cure is needed. That natural balance is the basis of the EXeczema® programme. Prevention shows you care and many people benefit.


Before you begin wondering if I’m a shining example of prevention, rest assured that I eat, drink and do a lot of things which don’t look anything like prevention. I favour balance and when you get that right, there’s no need for prevention as there’s nothing to prevent.


Which raises the question of why so many people share my values and have the confidence to trust the Dr Harley name? Because I have fun explaining the scientific basis of those values and people who care want to share that fun. The choice they select is to bring greater health and happiness


Prevention is better than cure and balance is even better than prevention. The skill lies in making that balance fun so people want to share the values to the benefit of others. 


I like to say everything should be kept in moderation, especially moderation itself! Have fun, share the values which benefit the most people and help others develop trust and confidence in each other. It’s a lovely world full of wonderful people who care. Enjoying what we’ve been given brings happy balance, wouldn’t you agree? 


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