Have you ever wondered why eczema is so common? Try counting the number of ingredients in many skincare products. They’re listed on the label and it can be 15, 20 and even more! Some are fine, but if the skin feels it’s being challenged with too many chemicals at once it can only react with a skin rash. That red warning sign will become eczema if you continue using that product. The skin is doing the right thing to protect the person against the chemical challenge. The chemicals are the problem and the protective inflammation is the correct response. Simple, wouldn’t you agree?


Certain commonly used ingredients are cited in the medical literature as being unsuitable for use in skincare products, which raises a question. You might wonder if companies using those ingredients care about people suffering from their products? 


Skin should be in happy balance. Upsetting the balance leads to red inflammation. One choice is to stop the inflammation with drugs like steroids. When you stop the steroids, the inflammation should be expected to return if the original cause of imbalance is still be there. The eczema goes on. Another choice is to correct the imbalance so the skin has no reason for inflammation. A simple choice.


Eczema often divides parents of children with eczema from doctors who provide advice on how to manage eczema. Many of those parents seek alternative advice when doctors keep saying eczema can’t be cured. Yet the vast majority of children grow out of eczema. For them it’s cured and many want to share their happy stories if you want to listen. 


I did and it resulted in the EXeczema® programme.


Eczema can be overcome with 3 clues and 7 peer-reviewed medical articles. The articles are quite new so the evidence revealed wasn’t available to doctors last decade. It is now!


The 3 clues developed as I was writing my 2015 book What is eczema? A path to ending the misery. The appendix in that book is a review of the latest scientific literature to provide confidence that the clues are based on evidence-based research.


Combining the common sense within the 3 clues with the medical evidence allowed the breakthrough. You’ll find more details in the book and a series of short videos on


Many EXeczema® people want to help by sharing the happy endings in their journey to health and happiness. You can trust those who’ve already beaten eczema and benefit from added confidence in the balance gained from the values behind the Dr Harley name.


Now you have a choice. Do you want to manage eczema or end it? If you seek to manage it, ask if that will maintain it? Does ignoring that question and its answer benefit eczema patients? No and failing to act in a patient’s best interests has implications. Skin rashes happen; the key to success lies in prevention of a skin rash progressing into eczema.


Helping people overcome their eczema and live happy lives is fun. What can you do now to share that fun? Perhaps you can use the email button and send a link to this page to someone you know who is battling with eczema, either in themselves or a loved one.