I was raised in the Australian outback where you learn to keep everything in balance if you wanted to survive. It’s a harsh environment where prevention is better, safer and easier than cure. One way or another, that environment can kill you if you fail to prevent; and it has a lot of choices ranging from massive crocodiles to huge deserts to lethal snakes and spiders! You learned to care for those around you so everyone stays alert and alive.


Going to university was the first time I lived in a city. Very quickly it became obvious I was being taught to treat diseases whereas my inherent values lay in preventing diseases developing in the first place. There were other people ideally suited to treating diseases allowing me to examine other options.


My choice was a lonely path to find the first steps in disease processes and use those to prevent disease. I inherently believed the answers were out there and all I had to do was find the questions. That belief developed into a set of values that have served me well in bringing health and happiness to benefit many people around the world. It’s fun and I get to travel the world while having fun!


People with my clinical qualifications are supposed to offer drugs to overcome diseases. My choice was to prevent the diseases negating any need for drugs. I deliberately chose to put health and happiness before company profits. I care more about people than profits, as many of those I’ve helped are happy to testify.


Prevention of a skin rash escalating into eczema is a good example as demonstrated in the EXeczema® programme described in my book What is eczema? A path to ending the misery. The skin has a specialised layer called the Skin Barrier made from fat and protein with both parts being essential to regulate outward flow of water. Detergents can reduce the fat part letting more water out and irritant chemicals in leading to inflammation which then reduces the ability to make amino acids from protein. Simply washing a newborn baby in too strong a detergent can imbalance the skin leading to eczema. It’s that easy, sadly. Washing the baby with a more suitable product is prevention.


That approach made me unemployable! Luckily for me the internet and social media arrived heralding in the entrepreneurial revolution. That allowed me to share my musings with the general public and doctors who spread the positive news even further. When it became apparent that the combination of my values and love of prevention were ones others want to share, I found myself supported by some wonderful people who were happy to care and help. They prompted me to launch the Dr Harley brand so the public could have a personal name to trust with confidence.


How would you like to help? It can be as easy as clicking the share button so someone who places their trust and confidence in you can learn of this new choice.