7 + 3

Bringing clarity to a complex confusing topic delivers great rewards for all concerned. When that topic is as large as Atopic Eczema, literally millions of people around the world benefit. Making that clarity free of charge and providing it in an easy-to-share format increases the chances of each beneficiary being reached. Atopic Eczema can, once you fully understand it, be explained simply with 7 recent evidence-based medical revelations and 3 simple clues. Hence the ‘7 + 3’  title. As with any simple story, a few pictures to prove effectiveness help build reader confidence. To learn more, please download this pdf . The second page is upside down as that seems to be the most appropriate for 2-sided printing. When you have printed it, fold the A4 in half to create the A5 leaflet. If you would prefer printed leaflets please let me know on drharley@dr-harley.com. I created this to share my understanding of eczema with doctors and a few have read it. The better news is how many non-medical readers have gained a huge amount of confidence from realising it puts them in control of eczema. Apparently the few medical terms have proven to be of little hinderance. ‘7 + 3’ is being used to create inclusion in the global eczema debate. Please pass the pdf file to as many other people as you want. The more people see it, the more the positive message will grow. Doctors can use this leaflet as an education tool for people associated with eczema. Of equal importance, people who have used this knowledge to end eczema can offer this leaflet as an education tool for doctors. Everyone who wants to win can become winners. What is the positive message? That Atopic Eczema is an explainable imbalance in the skin and balance can easily be restored. The knowledge: allows you to end eczema and prevent the next skin rash escalating into eczema, becomes the cure preventing the return of eczema and is provided here free of charge for you to share easily. My wish is for it to be spread around the world. Many millions of people are trapped needlessly in the eczema cycle, mainly because they and their care providers do not yet understand eczema. This simple ‘7 + 3’ leaflet provides what they want and is easily shared. I hope you enjoy playing your part in ending this insidious global misery called Atopic Eczema. Imagine how you will feel when someone you know says you’ve helped them control eczema. Even better, imagine the happy eyes of a child who you have removed from that misery. It’s a beautiful feeling which I would like millions of sharers to experience.